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    Jul 22, 2016

    17 Pictures That Prove Why Camping At Festivals Is The Worst

    So. Much. Mud.

    1. British festival campsites are hell on earth.

    Our accumulation of rubbish at our campsite at Download on the last day after packing everything up.

    2. Really, quite grim.

    @Nivicious88 / Via Twitter: @Nivicious88

    3. Sometimes they are rivers of mud.

    @MrsSoose / Via Twitter: @MrsSoose

    4. So much mud.

    @saltyF1 / Via Twitter: @saltyF1


    @BeccaCotter / Via Twitter: @BeccaCotter

    6. Sometimes they're even on fire.

    @GeneralJules / Via Twitter: @GeneralJules

    7. You get to camp really near your neighbours.

    Graham Denholm / Getty Images

    So much space.

    8. Even the posh festivals are ~intimate~.

    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    Honestly this is just Britain will look like post Brexit.

    9. Often they have easy access to watersports.

    @andrea427x / Via Twitter: @andrea427x

    10. So close to the pool!

    @lauraboath / Via Twitter: @lauraboath

    11. Sometimes tents get a mind of their own and decide to climb trees.

    @amisian_ / Via Twitter: @amisian_

    12. Literally how did this even happen?

    @acer_dog / Via Twitter: @acer_dog

    13. Oh god, the horror.

    @menaigotclass / Via Twitter: @menaigotclass

    14. Why do humans do this?!?

    @ellelle__ / Via Twitter: @ellelle__

    15. And even when they're not flooded they can still be fairly horrifying.

    @Mollie_Spencer / Via Twitter: @Mollie_Spencer

    16. Mmmm so much mud.

    @antsmusic1 / Via Twitter: @antsmusic1

    17. Honestly, these places are just lawless wastelands.

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