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    17 Pictures That Prove British TV Is Diverse As Fuck

    One woman, one person of colour, half a dozen white men.

    1. British TV is so inclusive these days: You will find one woman and one person of colour on almost every panel show.

    2. There can never be more than one.

    3. Great to see so many different white men represented here, though it's a shame there are no blonde men.

    4. In the front row we have two bald heads, two grey suits, two blue shirts, three white men. That's diversity, people!

    5. The white men must go at the front so we don't miss them.

    6. There's definitely no more room in this photo for any more women or people of colour.

    7. One woman is amazingly generous for a show about cars, when everyone knows women can't even drive. Thank you for thinking of us.

    8. That man on the left may have long hair, but luckily he doesn't count as another woman.

    9. This show has upped its diversity quota with a potato.

    10. It takes six whole men to achieve anything near the greatness of Moira Stewart. That is why this line-up makes sense.

    11. One woman. One person of colour. Seven white men.

    12. There are no people of colour, but there is a woman. Pretty close, guys, well done!

    13. This is a different image to the previous one. Uncanny.

    14. "Have you definitely booked one woman, one person of colour, and five white men for tonight's show? Cool, good to go."

    15. What? This is a totally accurate portrait of gender and racial diversity in modern Britain. That one guy has a beard, and those other guys have floppy shoulder-length hair, one of the guys is bald, one's blonde, and the other one's just an average Joe.

    16. More than one non-white man could upset the rotation of the Earth around its axis. Thank fuck that didn't happen.

    17. Yet another strong, diverse line-up, which thoughtfully displays the full range of white men to be found in Britain today.