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    21 Pictures Literally Every Girl Has Taken

    It's time to stand in a line and make the exact same pose.

    1. One where, for no real reason, half of your group is slightly squatting.

    2. A photo of your friends' shoes in a circle.

    3. Followed by one that involves all of your hands.

    4. Your name written in the sand.

    Laura Silver/BuzzFeed

    5. A photo of a Starbucks cup with your name spelled wrong.

    6. And one that documents the first Christmas Starbucks cup of the year.

    7. The "hotdogs or legs" beach pic.

    8. A picture of you doing a handstand in a park.

    9. A picture that involves you and your friends jumping in the air.

    10. A picture where you have your elbow sticking out and your head leaning to one side.

    11. And a formal event photo where all your friends are standing in a line making that exact same pose.

    12. A salon selfie.

    13. Followed by the after pics so everyone can see how fabulous your hair looks.

    14. An ironic duckface selfie.

    15. A picture of a book you are reading in bed with a coffee.

    16. A photo of a physical photo-booth picture.

    17. A picture of your nails looking fire.

    18. A photo of you and your friends hilariously recreating the Charlie's Angels pose.

    19. A gym selfie.

    20. A tribute to the pizza you're about to eat.

    21. And a picture that features you and your squad in a club toilet.

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