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21 Times Jim From "Friday Night Dinner" Made You Cry Laughing

"Why don't I get you some biscuits?" "Thank you can I have twelve?"

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3. When he made this little request.

4. When his bath burned down.


5. So he had a bath at their house.


Martin: "Your yarmulke matches your shirt."

Jim: "Thank you Martin, I made it myself."

7. And when he got a bit confused about traditions.

8. When he had a date.


11. When the boys texted him from Jackie's phone.

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"Your dad has four penises" (Jim Neighbour Sending)

Adam: "Oh, shit!"

Jim: “But why would you say that my father had four of them?”

Jackie: “I really don’t know. It must just be a terrible mistake. I’m so sorry.”


19. Literally every time this timeless running joke happened.


21. And every time he was scared of Wilson.