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    Posted on Jul 28, 2016

    21 Nando's Hacks For Everyone Who Loves Nando's More Than Life

    Basically put Peri-Tamer on everything.

    1. If you're not keen on spice you can order your chicken with the marinade from the kid's menu on it.

    2. You can also order your chicken with a different marinade and get it on the side.

    3. Peri-Tamer also pretty good on chips!

    @SkydiveMacca / Via Twitter: @SkydiveMacca

    4. Order spicy rice and macho peas and mix them together, for instant rice and peas.

    Life hack: go to Nandos, buy spicy rice + macho peas, combine. It's a game changer. #lifehacks #nandos #majorkey

    5. Order your corn on the cob with mango and lime marinade on it.

    Have you man ever tried nandos corn with mango and lime sauce on it oh my goodness

    It's a lot more flavoursome!

    6. You get basically the same amount of chips if you one large, rather than two regular.

    7. The basting sauce used to grill the chicken and the sauce you get in bottles are different.

    @myintel / Via Twitter: @myintel

    And you can ask for it.

    8. If you haven't tried the boneless chicken thighs before, give them a try next time.

    @maxhalll / Via Twitter: @maxhalll

    They're cheaper than butterfly chicken and complete game changer.

    9. Mix Fanta and Coke together.

    @tablouisesmith / Via Twitter: @tablouisesmith

    Obviously the only drink worth getting.

    10. Nando's does breakfast! But only at Gatwick airport.

    @jamiedubery / Via Twitter: @jamiedubery

    It includes the slightly baffling eggs Benedict made with chicken.

    11. Vegans can enjoy Nando's too!

    12. If you have special dietary requirements, download the app and you can easily filter the menu items by requirement.


    13. And if you're trying to watch your calories the app can be linked to Apple health.


    14. You can buy a lot of Nando's stuff from the supermarket.

    Nando's / Ocado / Via

    Not just the sauces, but the marinades, mayo, salt, and rub.

    15. Put Peri-Peri salt on plain popcorn when you're at home.

    16. Nando's sauce improves a LOT of foods, like cheese on toast.

    Nandos hot sauce on the toast before adding the cheese.. Life hack. Best cheese on toast ever.

    17. Pot Noodles.

    Life hack-put nandos sauce in pot noodle

    18. And baked beans!

    Life hack if you like spicy food: the next time you have baked beans, mix a load of Nandos extra extra hot sauce in it.. 😍 #discovery

    19. And if you really want to to recreate Nando's at home, Uncle Ben's isn't a bad alternative.

    basic bitch life hack: uncle bens spicy Mexican micro-rice would give Nandos spicy rice a run for its money any day, hook urself up

    20. Actually remember to swipe your rewards card every visit!

    @louiswilson93 / Via Twitter: @louiswilson93

    Those rewards build up quickly.

    21. And though Nando's may not do delivery yet, you can get it delivered to your house with Deliveroo.

    @CRAZYMAX1972 / Via Twitter: @CRAZYMAX1972

    Not in every city yet, but its an option for the lucky ones.

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