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21 Of The Most WTF Moments From Kids' Books

What the fuck is going on?

1. This teddy bear who should just be arrested immediately.

2. This filth.


3. Whatever the fuck this is about.

Saw this kids book today WtF #wtf #kidsbooks

4. This damn creepy game.

5. This very real and very bizarre book.

Found this on top of the magazines at my 5yo son's barbershop. This really is a book for kids. #wtf #badbookcovers

6. This book which no-one should have to see.

Spotted this hilariously titled funny punny book cover in the kids/parenting section at a Sale today#wtf #lol #rofl

7. Whatever just happened here.


8. This kids colouring book which is just wrong.

Wtf. This is in a kids activity book

9. This gun book for kids.

10. This book which is maybe about trains taking drugs.

"You look as if you could use some special coal".

11. This guide to voyeurism for kids.

12. These kitchen implements with shifty looking faces.

Do authors of kids books intend the characters to look so weird?

13. This threatening message.

There's something troubling about this book's tone

14. Whatever is happening here.

North-South / Night Sky Books / Via

15. This weird family activity.

Kane / Miller Book Publishers / Via

16. These "seamen".

17. This park keeper.

Inappropriate park keeper - from children’s book... #lol #funny, #jokes

18. This dude who is creepy AF.

19. This disturbing image.

Just looking through a little kids cook book and this shows up. Wtf!! @mmmmaaacckenzie

20. This horrific image.

Now that's a weird title for a childrens book... ;-)

21. And whatever the fuck is happening here.

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