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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Aug 11, 2016

    19 Beautiful Ideas For Your Minion Themed Wedding

    Minions all over the place.

    1. These fun alternative save the date magnets.

    StylineDesigns / Via

    £30.54, get them here.

    2. This bowtie and braces set for your ring-bearer.

    bananaribbon / Via

    £18.90, get it here.

    3. This wedding ring pillow.

    scarboroughrose / Via

    £10.00, get it here.

    4. And this super cute bridesmaid bow.

    SewCadence / Via

    £9.45, get it here.

    5. These subtle groom's cufflinks.

    AtelierHautPerche29 / Via

    £30.75, get them here.

    6. This yellow bowtie to bring a little sunshine to your ceremony.

    BowsnSquares / Via

    £14.97, get it here.

    7. These fun tie pins for your groomsmen.

    Moviefans / Via

    £8.59, get them here.

    8. This quirky fascinator.


    £7.09, get it here.

    9. This adorable cake topper.

    AsiaWorld / Via

    It is made of clay so you can keep it as a memento of your big day. £51.21, get it here.

    10. And this even fancier cake topper.

    UniqueWeddinCreation / Via

    £57.34, get it here.

    11. Or if you're having small cakes, these cupcake toppers.

    cookiecookieyumyum / Via

    £14.58, get them here.

    12. These subtle blue and yellow straws.

    DKDeleKtables / Via

    £3.14, get them here.

    13. These lanterns to tastefully decorate your wedding reception.

    evescrafts / Via

    £8.50, get them here.

    14. These quirky drinks stirrers for your cocktail hour.

    JennandJulesDesigns / Via

    £7.09, get them here.

    15. These custom made shoes to change into for the reception.

    SoleGeeks / etsy / Via

    £35.00, get them here.

    16. These cute mugs.

    Vitraaze / Via

    £33.87, get them here.

    17. And these just married t-shirts.

    LIKKO / Via

    £16.54, get them here.

    18. This personalised Minions cutting board memento.

    EngravedWoodenGifts / Via

    To commemorate your wedding day. £20.21, get it here.

    19. And this actual Minion garter.

    scarboroughrose / Via

    Omg. £13.00, get it here.

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