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19 Ridiculous Lies Literally Everyone Told As Kids

"Yeh my boyfriend goes to another school."

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1. "No I don't have any homework, Mum."

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The truth: Obviously I have homework, it's a school day, but I want to watch TV now so I'm going to lie about it and then copy it off someone in class tomorrow.

2. "The teacher only told us about this massive science project today."


The truth: I have known about the project for over a month but completely forgot to mention it 'til tonight so I am telling you this now so that you will please help me make it.

3. "Yes, Mum, I have taken the chicken out of the freezer."


The truth: I did not remember to take it out the freezer and I'm now trying to panic-defrost it by running it under the tap and shoving it in the microwave.

6. “Sorry, it’s not my game.”

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The truth: You're a bit of a weird kid and I don't want to tell you that you can't play so I am passing it off to the person who owns this football.

10. “There will definitely be parents supervising the party.”

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The truth: By parents I mean someone's slightly dodgy older brother who will sit in another room getting stoned with his mates while we cause absolute carnage.

12. “I’ll go to bed after this TV programme finishes.”

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The truth: This is a complete lie. I am planning to stall going to bed for the next few hours until I wear you down so much you just let me stay up.

15. “Everyone else is allowed to go.”

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The truth: Everyone else is not allowed to go but several of the cooler kids in my school are going and this may be my chance to be cool.

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