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    I Tested Your Best Camping Hacks And This Is What Happened

    There was ~some~ food on fire.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best camping hacks they know. So I went off to a lovely campsite and tested some of them out! Here's what happened:

    Doritos fire starters

    The Method: “Doritos are the BEST fire starter! If you hold a lighter to one chip for a couple seconds, it will stay lit! On your way out for your camping trip, grab a few snack-sized bags. You only need a few chips for each fire. Eat the extras!” – Laura Ailing, Facebook

    Did it work?

    Look at it!!

    The Doritos were such good tinder for the fire. They burn for a really long time so your kindling has time to catch! Definitely worth it – I can see this being useful in wet weather too.

    Dish soap pan trick

    Did it work?

    Campfire baked potatoes

    The Method: “Stab a potato with a fork a few times. Wrap it in tin foil. Throw it in the campfire. Carefully retrieve it an hour and a half later. Cut it open, add butter and seasoning salt. Enjoy.” – Mary Vendegna, Facebook

    Did it work?

    Gaffa tape wrapped round a bottle

    Did it work?

    Did it work! Yes! Here I am experiencing the three stages of wrapping tape around your water bottle. Maybe don't do this on your battered old water bottle like I did, because the tape definitely rips the paint off. The tape came in useful later on while we were out for a walk so I'd definitely recommend this tip.

    Roasted Starbursts

    Camping hot water bottle

    Fairy Lights

    Did it work?

    Eggs in a bottle

    Did it work?

    Yes! Again, no idea why I never thought of this before! It's great because you can just shake them and pour your them straight in the pan when you make scrambled eggs in the morning. Thanks for this LIFE-CHANGING submission.

    Bacon and eggs in a bag

    The Method: “Line a paper bag with bacon, crack a couple of eggs in there, season with salt and pepper, and pop it on the coals. Best. Hack. Ever.” – kellyt478c95921

    Did it work?

    Sadly not. I wanted this to work so badly, but the eggs started to drip out the bottom of the bag almost immediately, so we had to put a second bag on the outside. It was also quite difficult to stop the bag catching on fire, even when the campfire was just hot coals. After about 10 minutes the eggs had just started to cook/burn to the bottom of the bag. In the end we decided it was probably easier to just cook the bacon and eggs in a pan over our stove.

    Bonus: Here is a really soothing picture of a beautiful marshmallow we roasted.

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