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18 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Only "The Sims" Fans Will Get

You can live out your craziest fantasies on Sims, for example, you can have a job and a house.

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1. When this post perfectly summed up your relationship with that damn game.

traynors / Via

2. And how weird the fanfic is.

sexyboitommo / franciosdelabooo / Via

3. When this post was kind of baffling.

fuckyeahsimsmeme / Via

4. When the Grim Reaper had gains to make.

siminvillain-blog / Via

5. When there was this legitimate confusion.

iwilleatyourenglish / Via

6. When it pointed out how wild the game is.

best-text-posts / Via

7. When it summed up you as a Sim.

wifipasswords / Via

8. And this.

georgetakei / Via

9. When it showed us this loving friendship.

sarathehappyemo / Via


10. And why this is clearly the best idea.

thefudge / Via

11. When there was this summary of your dating life.

gobbledoctor / Via

12. And this one.

haha-this-is-the-fucking-end / Via

13. When it made us realise how woke The Sims actually is.

misha-bawlins / Via

14. And this.

weedkinz / Via

15. When there was this accurate portrait of "you vs me".

marehy / Via

16. When there was this nightmare.

simsisjustmylife / Via

17. When the game gave us actually relatable aspirations.

lipstickandlovesongs / Via

18. Truly relatable.

Nothing teaches you more about life than playing The Sims.
awkwardainestrikesagain / Via

Nothing teaches you more about life than playing The Sims.