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21 Greeting Cards That Need To Calm Down

Happy Father's Day "Dad".

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3. This baffling Father's Day card section.

Instagram: @stefaniannmarie

4. And this one that totally misses the point of Father's Day.

Instagram: @missbeehavin88

8. This one for a straight up invented holiday.

WTF card companies? Did we NEED another Valentines day? Why can't I get Samhain cards instead?

As if Valentine's Day wasn't enough.


9. These sad Valentine's Day cards from the cat.

Valentines day card...from the cat?! And there sold out. WTF!

Sold out :(

10. And this pretty cutting pet related one.

Instagram: @shadyandmunchkin

11. This birthday card to celebrate suppressing your feelings.

#Asda this is a weird birthday card #Frozen #LetItGo


13. This massively passive aggressive card for your kid.

Saw this weird passive-aggressive birthday card tonight.

"You tried."