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    21 Greeting Cards That Need To Calm Down

    Happy Father's Day "Dad".

    1. This one that is incredibly sarcastic.


    2. This one that you definitely should not bring to a funeral.


    3. This baffling Father's Day card section.

    4. And this one that totally misses the point of Father's Day.

    5. This one that you definitely should not give to your family.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    6. This borderline incest card.

    7. This lovely greeting.


    8. This one for a straight up invented holiday.

    WTF card companies? Did we NEED another Valentines day? Why can't I get Samhain cards instead?

    As if Valentine's Day wasn't enough.

    9. These sad Valentine's Day cards from the cat.

    Valentines day card...from the cat?! And there sold out. WTF!

    Sold out :(

    10. And this pretty cutting pet related one.

    11. This birthday card to celebrate suppressing your feelings.

    #Asda this is a weird birthday card #Frozen #LetItGo

    12. This slightly aggressive Valentine.


    13. This massively passive aggressive card for your kid.

    Saw this weird passive-aggressive birthday card tonight.

    "You tried."

    14. This pretty dark Mother's Day card.


    15. This terrible card, for no specific occasion.


    Why is that pigeon so invested in everyone's sex lives?

    16. This incredibly creepy Easter greeting.


    Never sleeping again thanks.

    17. This beautiful wedding card.


    18. This one for the next baby shower you go to.


    19. And this one that is perfect for after the baby is born.


    20. This one to send to your bae.


    Such a delightful "poster in a dentist's waiting room" vibe.

    21. And finally, this absolute shitshow.


    Wait, what is this a card from a dog? Why is it meme font? Is it meant to be sexual? But people don't lick themselves WHYY?

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