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19 German Junk Foods The Rest Of The World Urgently Needs

An overwhelming variety of sausages

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1. German Christmas biscuits

Instagram: @nine_nimmt_ab

From Vanillekipferl (little half-moon shaped vanilla biscuits) to Zimtsterne (star shaped, soft, cinnamon-flavoured biscuits), Kokosmakronen (chewy, soft coconut biscuits) to Butterplätzchen (plain, buttery biscuits) — Germans do know a thing or two about baking.

2. Currywurst

John Wilbanks / Flickr / Creative Commons / Via

Combining two of the best foods: curry sauce and sausages. This is the perfect greasy salty drunk food, best accompanied by a big portion of chips. There's even a museum dedicated to this delightful food in Berlin!

3. All of the Haribo that they only sell in Germany

@NerdBashDE / Via Twitter: @NerdBashDE

Think you’ve tried all the different types of Haribo? Think again, Germany has loads of flavours you’ve never seen before, like the delicious Creamy Ice foamy variety.

4. Bauernfrühstück

Instagram: @djuk_hova

This is the ultimate hangover breakfast. Potatoes, egg, and onions, fried in a pan, and served with pickled gherkins — if that doesn't cure your hangover, nothing will.


5. Nussecken

Instagram: @maudimaud

Crumbly dough, covered in crunchy nuts with chocolate round the corners. A triangle has never tasted more yum.

6. Weißwurst with sweet mustard and pretzel

Beat von Stein / Wikimedia Commons / Via

Mostly eaten in Bavaria, this dish is meant to be eaten before midday — so it's basically a savoury breakfast. Bonus: You're totally allowed to have a Weißbier with it.

7. Spezi

You know when you go to Pizza Hut and mix the Coke and Fanta togther? Germany sells that ready made in a bottle! What a world.

8. Krapfen

Rainer Zenz / Creative Commons / Via

Also known as a Berliner, or Pfannkuchen, these donut style snacks, usually filled with jam, are made with a sweet yeast dough rather than batter, and are traditionally fried in lard. My arteries.


10. Buletten

Also called Fleischpflanzerl in the south of Germany, they're basically a thicker burger patty, often served with potato salad or eaten on a bread roll, with some mustard on the side.

11. PROPER Lebkuchen

Instagram: @dienickel

A chewy, soft centre, filled with nuts and spices, covered in chocolate or glazed with sugar, with almonds or hazelnuts sprinkled on top. It wouldn't be Christmas without them.

12. Ritter Sport

Is this the world's greatest (free) chocolate vending machine? It's at the @ritter_sport museum in Germany...

Little chocolate squares that come in all kinds of flavours. You might have seen them in airports before, but there's so many varieties to try. Also the Ritter Sport museum (of course there's one) has the best vending machine ever.


13. Fritz-Kola

@goPapermine / Via Twitter: @goPapermine

Germany's own fizzy drink company, the drinks come in tasteful glass bottles (there's a no plastic policy) and are available in a variety of interesting flavours, such as smoky tea, of all things.

14. Strammer Max

Instagram: @barbara_katharina_

Egg on ham on dark, German bread. So simple. So good.


17. Hanuta

A GENEROUS layer of hazelnut flavoured chocolate creme sandwiched between two wafers. The classic after school treat.

18. Duplo chocolate

Instagram: @chocolatefinland

More chocolatey hazelnut deliciousness, this time with a kind of nougat creme inside.

19. Baumstriezel

Instagram: @lisschen_1

Often made over open fire, these doughy, sweet swirls are typically covered in cinnamon and sugar and eaten during winter, and at Christmas markets.