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    22 Genuinely Funny Tumblr Posts About Britain

    "The next James Bond movie is probably just going to be him stuck at passport control for 2 hours."

    1. This post on the difference between British and American cooking shows.

    2. This accurate explanation of British people on British TV.

    3. It's true.

    4. This post about a great Bake Off scandal.

    5. And this important advice to Americans.

    6. This very accurate Harry Potter observation.

    7. This rude insult to our cuisine.

    8. This post about British porn.

    9. And this dark but true observation.

    10. This post about Guy Fawkes Night.

    11. And this fact about our national shame.

    12. This fact about British people and their grudges.

    13. This thing that always confuses British people.

    14. This post about memory sticks.

    15. This very accurate explanation of underwear.

    16. This word difference which will never stop confusing Americans.

    17. And this accurate description of life as a British teen.

    18. This bloody conversation.

    19. And this one.

    20. This point that nobody probably considered about Brexit.

    21. This very legit post about British boys.

    22. And this post that perfectly sums up our nation.

    H/t best-text-posts.