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    19 Dogs Who Are Honestly Going Straight To Jail


    1. LOCK HIM UP.

    mel2mdl / Via

    2. Throw away the key so this criminal can rampage no more.

    Trimble / Via

    3. E.T. deserves to feel safe in his home!

    kazzaunit / Via

    4. This pup is going DOWN for destruction of property.

    Morpherjoe / Via

    5. No good lawyer could save this floof getting locked up for crimes against sitting on sofas.

    DrHello / Via

    6. Your evidence won't stand up in court, sir!

    hthi1801 / Via

    7. We've got several witnesses!

    okayyymovingon / Via

    8. You'd better get yourself a good lawyer, pup.

    JeffyTobias / Via

    9. It's no use trying to hide.

    @jourdensander / Via Twitter: @jourdensander

    10. Pickpocketing is illegal, my friend.

    Schumi_jr05 / Via

    11. You definitely shouldn't look so proud of yourself.

    part_of_the_whole / Via

    12. Don't think a jury is going to go lightly on you because you're cute.

    aryanoface / Via

    13. This perp didn't even bother to flee the scene of the crime.

    FerralWombat / Via

    14. Underage smoking is illegal, you know.

    Sag41 / Via

    15. You can't just go around destroying hipster beverages because you don't approve of them.

    @viakrm / Via Twitter: @viakrm

    16. You know what you did.

    @sophiia_vega / Via Twitter: @sophiia_vega

    17. Don't act like you're not guilty.

    @linnarwhal / Via Twitter: @linnarwhal

    18. Now don't even TRY to plead innocence.

    19. Call the police, because these monsters need to be locked up.

    MonsieuRoberts / Via

    Naughty dog!

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