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18 Pets With No Damn Respect For Books

Have some respect.

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1. "I got rid of the sections I disagreed with."

2. "I'm sorry but this isn't the kind of literary criticism I want in this house."

3. "I don't need to apologize, A Thousand Splendid Suns is just not as good as The Kite Runner."

oh no the dog ate my summer reading book. what am i going to do!!!? 😂😂😂

4. "Hi I decided to have Breakfast With Buddha for breakfast hope that's ok."

5. "I just couldn't stand the double standards in The Scarlet Letter, so I dealt with it appropriately."

I mean maybe his adorable face will make McKinley not hate me so much "my dog ate my book"sounds totally believable

6. "Look I would appreciate it if you could leave me in peace to quietly destroy this?"

7. "Hi yes, sorry I chose to judge this book by it's cover, and it was mostly delicious."

@iantyson Thanks for signing your book for me Wednesday! Sorry my dog ate the cover last night. #HoorayForOllie?

8. "I'm just going to sit here until you decide to read something more worthwhile."

9. "I am actually trying to gain a more indepth understanding of this."

Ms. Clem, I count do my homework because my dog ate my book

10. "I tried it, but I didn't like it."

11. "I feel like I really dissected the whole book here."

My dog ate my book and I have proof

12. "It's pretty disrespectful of you to read a book about mice in front of me."

13. "I'll be honest with you, I read the words Big Fish and I thought this was going to be edible." my dog ate my book.. #dog #books

14. "I think you'll understand it's for your own good."

15. "We can't read, but we absolutely disagree with everything this book stands for."

My #cat ate my #book. Since he can't #read, I'm considering this a supportive act.

16. "The Harry Potter books are overrated, in my opinion."

17. "Honestly Chris this is so fucking dry."

18. "Honestly I am saving you a lot of time here, you're going to be disappointed with the end of the series."