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21 Deeply Distressing Camping Fails

Honestly it would have been easier to just stay indoors.

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1. This tent that got flipped.

@TammyatUD / Via Twitter: @TammyatUD


2. And this one.

Oh nooooooo.
@T_Stoy / Via Twitter: @T_Stoy

Oh nooooooo.

3. This risky pitch.

Wouldn't fancy pitching my tent there. In an area sectioned off due to rock falls and landslides #CampingFail #TT

*frets uncontrollably*

4. This sad campfire bread.

Lesson: Never try anything cool.
@MichelleEarley4 / Via Twitter: @MichelleEarley4

Lesson: Never try anything cool.

5. This outrageously bad attempt at toasting marshmallows.

@AmbreezyPlease / Via Twitter: @AmbreezyPlease


6. This complete shit show.

Oh dear.
@Miss_MikalahM / Via Twitter: @Miss_MikalahM

Oh dear.

7. And this really sad hotdog.

He died so young :(
@the16bit_chef / Via Twitter: @the16bit_chef

He died so young :(

8. This very silly mistake.

FFS Dad.
@paul_grogan / Via Twitter: @paul_grogan

FFS Dad.

9. This tent that suffered a bit in high winds.

@Twitchathon / Via Twitter: @Twitchathon

10. And this Gazebo that wasn't quite put together correctly.

Spotted in #Snowdonia #campingfail @cool_camping site recommended. Gazebo construction not so much...

11. This way too oversized air mattress.

WHYYY. And, oh god, what if it rains?
@blacks_online / Via Twitter: @blacks_online

WHYYY. And, oh god, what if it rains?

12. And this mattress that ate too many carbs.

@ParkeTroutman / Via Twitter: @ParkeTroutman

13. This well constructed structure.

Close enough.
@Country929 / Via Twitter: @Country929

Close enough.

14. This poor soul.

Feel bad laughing at this epic fail @GlastoFest but obv if you can't put your tent up put it away ๐Ÿ˜‚ #Glastonbury

You made a valiant effort sir.

15. This guy who made the mistake of sleeping under the stars.

BADGERUK90 ยท / Via

16. This hammock disaster.

Talk about a rude awakening. #campingfail #letscamp

17. This fucking dude.

So...I'm pretty sure he's using it wrong - #camping #fail.

18. This woman who's tent blew in a river.

@BBCR1 habitual forgetfulness + a windy day = this adventurous #CampingFail. At least I got the darn thing back!!

19. This costly disaster.

@REI / Via Twitter: @REI

20. This frankentent.

@mixtapeheart / Via Twitter: @mixtapeheart