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23 Things Americans Can Honestly Never Understand About Britain

It's more than just cheeky Nando's.

1. Why anyone would be annoyed about this man.

2. What this means.

3. Why everyone knows this guy's name.

4. Why this is such a horrifying thought.

5. And why this is so funny.

6. Why this would be the easiest way to spot a British person.

7. Why this was such a tragic loss.

8. And the reason we get so angry about this.

9. Why this is genuinely exciting.

10. Why Nando's is cheeky.

11. And what it is that makes anything cheeky.

No one knows.

12. The reason why this struggle is very real.

13. And why this is so sad.

14. Why it is that some of us eat tea.

15. Why this is funny.

16. Why it is that everyone owns one of these.

17. Why we religiously watch ourselves fail in Eurovision every year.

18. Why this is so exciting.

19. And why this fox is so famous.

20. Why these guys are still so relevant.

21. What this ancient British proverb means.

22. And this one.

23. And why this means the world has ended.