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    21 British Christmas Traditions America Needs To Adopt

    America, you need to get on board with brandy butter.

    1. Going to pantomimes.

    2. Obscure celebrities turning up to switch on the town Christmas lights.

    Why it's great: The more obscure the reality show, the better. Some of the fancy streets in London might get a legit celebrity for the occasion, but these are far less thrilling than someone who didn't win The X Factor turning on the Stevenage lights.

    3. Eating exclusively mince pies for the entire month of December.

    4. Leaving booze out for Father Christmas.

    Mince pie, carrot and sherry set - Santa and Rudolph are in for a treat!

    Why it's great: While American kids might leave out milk and cookies for Santa we leave out some sort of booze and a mince pie, so he can drink And a carrot for Rudolph of course.

    5. Having Christmas crackers.

    6. Wearing paper hats to eat Christmas dinner.

    7. Having Quality Street, Roses, and other barrel-sized tins of chocolates in your house.

    Why it's great: At Christmas in the UK it is traditional to have large tins of sweets in your house that you never really buy, but sort of "acquire". Every family has one sweet that they hate and try to give away to guests for the duration of the Christmas period (looking at you, orange cream).

    8. Smashing, then eating Terry's Chocolate Oranges.

    Why it's great: Oranges. But they're made of chocolate. GLORIOUS.

    9. Displaying Twiglets in bowls around your house at parties.

    10. Serving the turkey with PROPER pigs in blankets.

    11. Eating Yorkshire puddings.

    12. Having bread sauce.

    13. Setting fire to a Christmas pudding.

    14. Eating sugary alcoholic butter with all your desserts.

    15. Pouring brandy sauce over everything.

    16. Making, and not really liking, a Christmas cake.

    17. Watching the EastEnders Christmas Day episode as a family.

    18. Drinking shitloads of ridiculous booze.

    19. Going on a bracing Christmas Day walk.

    20. Boxing Day.

    21. Spending a whole week off work.