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    18 Car Fails That Will Make You Cringe So Hard

    Don't show these to your dad.

    1. This outstanding maintenance example.

    2. This expertly repaired ding.

    3. And this one.

    4. This pretty well done repair job.

    5. This person who TRIED.

    6. And this expanding foam job.

    7. This fantastic alignment adjustment.

    8. This excellent duct tape and foil job.

    9. This windscreen wiper.

    10. This beautifully fixed steering wheel.

    11. This ~small~ problem.

    12. This absolute disaster waiting to happen.

    13. This mechanic who had an extremely bad day at work.

    14. This terrifying bit of engineering.

    15. This fantastically repaired petrol cap.

    16. These tyres that are so bald it will make you extremely angry.

    17. This super legit headlight fix.

    18. And this one.