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Updated on Jun 23, 2020. Posted on Oct 26, 2016

21 Times Candice Was The Absolute Queen Of "Bake Off"

Mel: "Where did you get the orange juice from?" Candice "...the orange?" (This contains spoilers for the last episode of Bake Off.)

1. When she made this face.

BBC / Love Productions / maryberrybitchface / Via

2. When she styled her way out of this.

BBC / Love Productions / isolatedhysteria / Via

3. When she said this to Mel.

BBC / Love Productions / isolatedhysteria / Via

4. When her lipstick was on point every week.

BBC / Love Productions


5. Except when her lipstick rubbed off and Mel came to the rescue.

BBC / Love Productions

6. Because she'll definitely do this.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

7. When she threw a rubbery genoise at the tent wall.

BBC / Love Productions

One of the most exciting moments of British TV of 2016.

Listen to that sponge thwack!

8. When she made this innuendo and Mary was into it.

BBC / Love Productions / Via

Candice: "I'm also going to insert some custard"

Mary: "How's the custard getting in there then?"

Candice: "I'm going to poke it in, Mary"

9. And when she asked this.

BBC / Love Productions / tamalray / Via

"Yeah, can you come and grab my jugs please?" :O

10. Because she's the queen of deadpan innuendo.

BBC / Love Productions

11. When she denied all responsibility for her fire.

BBC / Love Productions / / Via

12. When she created this slightly alarming but incredible marzipan peacock.

BBC / Love Productions / fandomquack / Via

13. When she made this INCREDIBLE gingerbread pub.

BBC / Love Productions

And we all thought it wouldn't work, but IT DID.

14. And when that bake made pure sweet Mary Berry say this.

BBC / Love Productions


15. When she said this.

16. When she made this face at Selasi.

BBC / Love Productions

17. An when she did this wink.

BBC / Love Productions

18. When she was a little bit baffled by the lace pancakes technical.

BBC / Love Productions

19. Honestly she's just perfection.

Creative Commons / BBC/ Love Productions / WikiCommons / BuzzFeed / Ailbhe Malone

20. And then she won the whole thing.

BBC / Love Productions

21. And we found out that she's going on holiday with Jane.

Love Productions / BBC

What a deserving winner. Well done Candice.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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