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18 Of The Most Relatable Cake Fails Of All Time

Literally me.

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1. When you try out a new hairstyle and it doesn't go as planned:

@varrallini / Via Twitter: @varrallini

2. When you're trying to get in shape for summer and it just isn't happening:

@Massmoviecide / Via Twitter: @Massmoviecide

3. When your relatives asks how your job search is going when you just graduated:

4. When you think about your student loans:

5. When all your friends are in relationships and you're just sitting there like:

@brendariveraa / Via Twitter: @brendariveraa

6. When you go for dinner with your friends and they're all talking about their awesome new jobs:

7. When you check your bank balance after a big night out:

@i_want_coffee / Via Twitter: @i_want_coffee

8. When you try and dress like a grownup for a job interview:

9. When you get told off at work and you're just trying to keep it together:

@GTKrecipes / Via Twitter: @GTKrecipes

10. When you wake up in the middle of the night because you forgot to transfer your rent money:

11. When you're having a nice day and then you panic that you left the oven on:

nerdattack / Via

12. When all your friends start buying houses and you're just there like:

@BrokenAussieGal / Via Twitter: @BrokenAussieGal

13. When you try and look pretty for a date:

@GoonerMan2 / Via Twitter: @GoonerMan2

14. When you try to flirt:

@Nic0leSewell / Via Twitter: @Nic0leSewell

15. When you finally start dating someone and you're trying to cover up all your flaws:

@Dragonrain3 / Via Twitter: @Dragonrain3

16. When you're trying to sleep and then you think about that embarrassing thing you did five years ago:

@Abigail_Blakex / Via Twitter: @Abigail_Blakex

17. When you're acting like everything is fine but inside you're screaming:

@anniehall1973 / Via Twitter: @anniehall1973

18. When you finally feel like everything's going ok, but then you realise it's not: