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    Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    18 Tumblr Posts About British TV That Are Actually Funny

    "The biggest unsolved mystery in Britain: how are there even any people left in Midsomer?"

    1. This post about the difference between American and British cooking shows.

    2. And this post about Gordon Ramsay.

    3. This post about Masterchef.

    istapledmythumb / Via

    4. This post about the accuracy of Come Dine With Me.

    sunnisoul / Via

    5. And this one about that damn show.

    missysquidgy / Via

    6. This description of Jeremy Kyle.

    7. It is a ridiculous show.

    8. This summary of British TV.

    baileythefanboy / Via

    Britain has a rich culture.

    9. This post about how dickheads win arguments.

    kateaotp / Via

    We all know that person.

    10. This very relatable post about Grand Designs.

    kevinmccloudnine / Via

    11. This veryy big question about Midsomer Murders.

    shrekthisout / Via

    12. And this post about Antiques Roadshow.

    13. This post about Stephanie and Dominic from Gogglebox.

    gincidont / Via

    14. And this post about the weirdness of Gogglebox itself.

    getyourcurveon / Via

    We can't explain why we love it so much.

    15. This post about Britain's most iconic TV celebrities.

    baezilnt / Via

    16. This post about Bake Off.

    It won't be the same :(

    17. This British TV scandal.

    legolasofthewoodlandelves / Via

    18. Honestly, it's the most dramatic show on television.

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