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    Posted on Sep 9, 2015

    21 Blenders That Failed So Hard They Just Failed

    Fucking blenders, man.

    1. This blender which could not be stopped.

    2. This milkshake that just wasn't meant to be.

    3. This ~maybe~ vomit smoothie that tried to escape.

    4. This blender which was too sharp to handle.

    5. This Magic Bullet that ruined juicing for everyone.

    6. This protein shake which absolutely should not have been left unsupervised.

    7. This sludgy mess that wanted to get out and see what was happening on the countertop.

    8. This pink surprise which almost made it into the cup.

    9. And this one that definitely didn't.

    10. This soapy mess.

    Pro tip - when cleaning your blender, be careful not to put too much soap or water in the blender #fail

    11. This soup which didn't even ask to be born.

    12. Whatever "food" was being made here.

    13. This yellow mess which might be Play-Doh.

    14. This green monstrosity which trashed the place.

    15. And this blender which was pretty angry with the Kitchen Aid box.

    16. This smoothie which absolutely should not have had cilantro in it anyway.

    17. This completely non-delicious green slime.

    18. And this blender that proved why you should always make sure the lid is properly closed.

    19. This yellow monstrosity that couldn't be tamed.

    20. This smoothie that just wanted to get out and see the world.

    Note to self: The 'DO NOT FILL PAST THIS LINE' but on the blender is probably worth paying attention to! #fail

    21. And this one that just needed to get some fresh air.

    Epic smootie making fail! What a waste of all my fruit! The bottom fell off the blender :-( Doh!

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