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    22 Beautifully Shite British Pub Beer Gardens

    Anything can be a beer garden if you believe.

    1. British beer gardens truly are the best in the world.

    @jackandwood / Via Twitter: @jackandwood

    The holy trinity of pub gardens: a pot plant, a parasol stand, and some bins. Truly wonderful.

    2. Really, there is nothing like passing a sunny afternoon in a glorified car park where they keep the bins.

    @Rustifer2002 / Via Twitter: @Rustifer2002

    3. They have stunning views.

    Just enjoying a refreshing lunchtime beer in a pretty East Oxford pub garden. Lovely #Saturday

    4. What's nicer than looking at a dangerous wall on a hot summer day?

    @benjamz_ / Via Twitter: @benjamz_

    5. It really is lovely to be able to breathe in all the traffic fumes while you drink.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    6. And you can always keep an eye on your car.

    @kontilfc / Via Twitter: @kontilfc

    Note the caged gas canisters and broken flowerpot. Incredible.

    7. Has there ever been a more skilful attempt at making a car park into a garden?

    @reprocessed / Via Twitter: @reprocessed

    The wheelie bins really add to the aesthetic.

    8. But a pub doesn't even need plants to call something a garden.

    @ATW1062 / Via Twitter: @ATW1062

    Any stretch of road will do.

    9. Because some beer gardens are already so perfect they don't need pot plants to improve them.

    @theinvisiblegor / Via Twitter: @theinvisiblegor

    10. And this beer garden is already so delightful you don't need to sit on a bench to enjoy it.

    Shit Beer Garden in Walsall! #dump #walsall

    11. The British pub beer garden is also the perfect place for continental-style alfresco dining.

    @emma_lilley / Via Twitter: @emma_lilley

    12. Or a lovely chat.

    @AlexQuatch / Via Twitter: @AlexQuatch

    13. They truly are wonderful places.

    Stunning beer garden at #weatherspoons 🍸

    14. This is basically exactly the same as being in the countryside!

    @johngoonn / Via Twitter: @johngoonn

    Needs more bins.

    15. They're so welcoming.

    @Livermoray / Via Twitter: @Livermoray

    16. Luckily if a pub doesn't have a garden you can always improvise.

    @og_slen / Via Twitter: @og_slen

    17. What a wonderful place to spend the afternoon.

    @srthorpe / Via Twitter: @srthorpe

    18. Why go abroad when we have such gorgeous places in the UK already?

    @eddieamo81 / Via Twitter: @eddieamo81

    19. This stunning drinking area could almost be Spain!!

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    20. Look at all these people having a lovely time!

    21. There truly is nothing like a British beer garden.

    @JFMachin16 / Via Twitter: @JFMachin16

    22. Just pure perfection.

    @mealdealtalk / Via Twitter: @mealdealtalk

    Anything can be a garden if you believe. <3

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