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    19 Salon Names That Went Way, Way, Too Far


    1. This extremely classy nail bar.

    subliimetiime / Via

    2. And this even classier one.

    bigpaynis / Via

    3. This barbers.

    @xtine_rose / Via Twitter: @xtine_rose

    4. And this hairdressers.

    @RaeGormo / Via Twitter: @RaeGormo

    5. This genius wordplay.

    @drhairdresser / Via Twitter: @drhairdresser

    6. This world class pun.

    @bar_bint / Via Twitter: @bar_bint

    7. This classic.

    skriptteaze / Via

    8. And this slightly different but equally excellent variation.

    @AaronCoeIntl / Via Twitter: @AaronCoeIntl

    9. This barbers.

    @allanaustin1969 / Via Twitter: @allanaustin1969

    10. This other airline themed hairdressers.

    11. And this one.

    @dolly_clackett / Via Twitter: @dolly_clackett

    12. Seriously what is this trend?

    @BusinessPunny / Via Twitter: @BusinessPunny

    13. This wild place to get a haircut.

    @Mike_Fabricant / Via Twitter: @Mike_Fabricant

    14. This excellently named barbers.

    @wLEcsgo / Via Twitter: @wLEcsgo

    15. And this band pun.

    @alednotjones / Via Twitter: @alednotjones

    16. This brilliant tanning salon name.

    @UpperTierSteve / Via Twitter: @UpperTierSteve

    17. And this excellent hairdressers.

    @pubby / Via Twitter: @pubby

    18. This amazing nail bar.

    @fretzl / Via Twitter: @fretzl

    19. And this hair salon, named by a genius.

    @BusinessPunny / Via Twitter: @BusinessPunny

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