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22 Pictures Of Food Packaging That Will Fuck You Off So Much

*sigh* If only bananas came with a protective skin on them...

1. Honestly, it's such a shame bananas don't have a protective skin on them.

thenamenononehas / Via

2. Because it's just a damn tragedy that you can't sell a banana without putting it in a plastic bag.

@ceyyceyy / Via Twitter: @ceyyceyy

Lovely sweaty banana.

3. It's so good that these micro potatoes have been shrink-wrapped, because there's physically no way to get rid of the skin.

Twitter: @wmyeoh

Maybe one day mankind will invent a way to get the muddy skin off potatoes.

4. And these delicate sweet potatoes needed plastic to protect them from the harshness of the outside world.

5. If anything, this mango probably needs more packaging.

6. Thank goodness someone found a way to protect melons!

Twitter: @will_fincham

A mesh bag. For a single melon. A SINGLE MELON.

7. This gift tray of potatoes seems like the best way to sell them.

8. This is how tomatoes grow, isn't it?

Twitter: @JesHolbrook

They're still stacked on top of each other. This isn't going to stop them getting bruised...

9. And this potato has been packaged just the way nature intended.

Twitter: @stuartgibson


10. One layer of plastic wasn't even enough for this chicken.

Twitter: @cDrow

Chicken breasts individually wrapped in plastic, then placed in a plastic tray and covered in more plastic. Plastic.

11. Swedes need to be protected at all costs.

Twitter: @tomhepworthtv

I mean you want your swede to look pretty before you chop it up and chuck it in a stew, don't you?

12. It's wonderful that humanity has finally found a solution to the difficult problem of protecting delicate coconuts.

13. Finally, they are safe.

14. If only onions had a flaky outer layer you could peel off.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

15. And if only apples had a skin covering them.

Emily Mangles

16. It's such a shame that lettuces don't have layers.

Twitter: @tomfromspiced

And there's no way to wash them!

17. And it's so unfortunate that cauliflowers don't come with leaves protecting them on the outside.

18. It's lucky that these aubergines have been placed in a protective germ-free plastic bag.

Twitter: @soupmother

You know, in case you wanted to snack on them on the go...

19. But at least these plantains will be safe in their shrink-wrapped home.

20. It's good this garlic has been placed in this package, in case you wanted to lick the outer layer.

21. It's such a shame that clementine skins are so useless.

22. Honestly, fruits really are just useless at protecting themselves!

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