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    22 Pictures That Prove Why Comic Sans Is Always The Right Font Choice

    So beautiful. So appropriate.

    1. This wonderful motivational sign.

    Goenner / Via

    Just makes you feel so alive, doesn't it.

    2. This really reassuring Comic Sansbulance.

    seasea / Via

    "This feels really safe and legitimate and in no way looks like something a 7-year-old girl might design on Microsoft Word in 1999".

    3. This inspiring tattoo.

    lotsofnothing / Via

    Honestly, it's just so moving.

    4. These stairs.

    @hannanaha / Via Twitter: @hannanaha

    The Romans built the Colosseum, we engraved an inspiring quote in Comic Sans on a concrete flight of stairs.

    5. This Comic Sans license to serve alcohol.

    Alcohol license summary in Comic Sans - the most inappropriate font use I've seen in a while!

    Remember, Comic Sans should always be your go to choice font for a legal document.

    6. This sign for funeral flowers.

    @dolari @gwenners @PrincessComics I was finally able to take a photo. Funeral flowers advertised using Comic Sans.

    Hopefully they do funeral invites in Comic Sans too.

    (Also BirthDay, what?)

    7. This temporary birth certificate.

    dahizzle / Via

    In 70 years time this girl's grandchildren will find this certificate and admire the skills of the designer.

    8. This stunning workplace argument.

    stfu_whale / Via

    Admire the boldness of the lettering.

    9. And this even more heated one.

    Victoriana92 / Via

    Comic Sans is always the right font choice, whether you're a lemonade stand or a Fortune 500 company.

    10. This Comic Sans pub.


    This certainly looks like a place that adults would go to drink.

    11. This glorious bread.

    @LyneBrun / Via Twitter: @LyneBrun

    Such a desirable design.

    12. This lovely sign about death by electrocution.

    Today's award for The Most Inappropriate Use of Comic Sans goes to...

    The Comic Sans really adds gravitas to the warning.

    13. This important safety notice.

    punnsylvania / Via

    A font like Comic Sans always conveys a serious message.

    14. And this extremely serious warning.

    We have a new world champion for "Most Inappropriate Comic Sans."

    "People will definitely respect this warning and not assume that it is a poem written by a child" — gas station employees.

    15. This school worksheet.

    @graciebarnjum / Via Twitter: @graciebarnjum

    The dark history of fascism, made light with delightfully fun font.

    16. This extremely serious letter from a politician.

    LionelTheHutz / Via

    "I respect a politician who knows what font is right for me" — the public.

    17. This medical consulting room sign.

    The Comic Sans and photo of a random assortment of medical equipment will make patients feel relaxed.

    18. And this slideshow about death.

    it just seems inappropriate that this slide is in Comic Sans.

    Lighten the mood of your presentation about the agony of death with a quirky preschooler font.

    19. This extremely serious FBI presentation.

    TheOnlyUsernameLeftThatIsntTaken / Via

    Comic Sans, a font invented in 1994, will always make people feel that you have a handle on modern cyber threats.

    20. This university welcome letter.

    did u rlly just send me a letter in comic sans #nowImrllynotgoing

    "Congratulations and welcome to our university, it's definitely real!"

    21. This lab report.

    >2016 >Comic Sans for a freaking lab report

    "What font will give this project the gravitas it needs?" — this person.

    22. And this in no way ironic presentation.

    @bustacapgar / Via Twitter: @bustacapgar

    Comic Sans, always the right choice.

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