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    24 Of The Most 90s Outfits From "10 Things I Hate About You"

    So many giant plaid shirts and platform flip-flops.

    24. Bianca's "I am going through my sister's underwear and it's not super weird" outfit.

    23. Heath Ledger's shiny seduction trousers.

    22. Kat's "literally just annoyed about everything all the time" look.

    Slightly platformed Mary Janes with oversized trousers and a cut-off sweater, yes this is clearly the '90s.

    21. The "we're the school nerds who dress like '90s dads" look.

    20. The "hey don't mind us we're just two douchebags out for a run" trousers.

    19. Cameron's lovesick, "I am expressing my emotions through my sleeves" plaid shirt.

    Look as his thumbs! Roll your damn sleeves up dude.

    18. Cameron's other enormous lovesick shirt.

    17. The "I am not Gwen Stefani, but I could be" dress.

    Bianca's fruity sundress, and Chasity's "gotta run to pray" outfit.

    16. The "why is my sister such a heinous bitch" outfits.

    Kat's back at it again with the platform flip-flops, crop top, and giant trousers, but she's really improved on the look this time with a creepy Matrix leather jacket.

    15. The "mother, being a DJ is a real job" shirt.

    14. The "we are awful white guys with dreads" looks.

    13. Bianca's butterfly shirt and leopard print combo.

    12. The "you're just so good to be true" singing outfit.

    11. Every item of clothing being worn by a kid in detention.

    10. Joey's absolutely gigantic tuxedo jacket.

    9. Bianca's "dad can I go to the prom" floaty dress.

    8. And Bianca's "yes you can go to prom but you must wear something that is everything bad about the '90s" dress.

    7. Kat's actually pretty nice prom look.

    6. The "extremely pensive on a tyre swing" outfit.

    5. The "I am sad in khakis" look and whatever the hell this white jeans combo was for.

    4. Kat's "expressing my anger through the guitar" outfit.

    Seattle is freezing basically all year round; how on earth did she cope with that inappropriate footwear?

    3. Kat's "being kind of a dick in English class and getting sent to the guidance counselor outfit."

    Beautiful blue camo.

    2. Joey's other "my suit is several times too large" look.

    This is the DREAM corrupt 1990s businessman look. You can just imagine him doing insider trading.

    1. The sad Sonnet shirt.

    Kat's floaty skirt, inconveniently short shirt embroidered with flowers and fake diamonds, and those damn flip-flops, is just peak '90s.