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31 Times Phil Dunphy Gave Us Dad Goals

We're about to get Phil's-osophical

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1. When he lived our actual dreams.

2. When he gave the best advice.

3. Advice we can all relate to.

4. Even though some of it was a bit confusing.

5. When his pun game was too strong for words.

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6. When he had better moves than anyone in his family.

7. When he was just too damn real for words.

8. When he knew about all the cool things.

All dads need a working knowledge of Harry Potter.

9. When he had the best life goals.

10. When he wasn't afraid to cry.

11. When he genuinely respected his kid's life choices.

12. And expressed how all dads feel.

13. When he was on it with all the new slang.

14. But overwhelmed with emoji emotions.

15. When he made his kids understand hard work.

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16. And he knew the secret of a good birthday.

17. When he tried to give dating advice.

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18. When he owned dad style.

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19. When he understood a truly bad hangover.

20. When he was king of the dadbod.

21. When he made us understand that practice makes perfect.

22. When his taste in films was on point.

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23. When he completely understood the correct way to eat an Oreo stack.

24. When he imparted this important piece of wisdom.

25. When he told real truths about marriage.

26. And revealed the secrets to his success.

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27. When he was everyone's embarrassing dad.

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28. When he offered vital careers advice.

29. When he was just too proud of his kids.

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30. When he professed strong truths.

31. And when he gave the ultimate piece of dad advice.