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25 Struggles Every Short Girl Will Understand

Trying to get something from a high up cupboard is basically impossible.

1. Trying to take a photo with your friends.

2. Always being at other people's boob height when they try and hug you.

3. Trying to go jogging with anyone taller than you.


AKA everyone.

4. Having to climb into the freezer to get to the ice cream at the back.

5. And fridges are just as much of a challenge.

6. Cooking basically always turns into a impromptu rock climbing session.

7. So you inevitably end up trying to come up with innovative solutions to your problem.

8. Not being able to see in mirrors.

9. Opening high windows is basically impossible.

10. Having an absolute nightmare trying to buy trousers.

11. So you either have to learn to hem.

12. And turn all your jeans up.

13. Or you'll end up with this terrible look.

14. Or worse, this look.

15. Not being able to deal with gyms that are basically just for tall people.

You know you're short when you can't reach the lat pull down bar at the gym... 😕

16. Or microphones.

17. And swimming pools just weren't designed for you.

18. Being the exact height that tables hit you in the most painful spot.

19. Genuinely considering doing this so that you can actually see at the cinema.

20. Being the perfect height for children's shopping trollies.

21. And child sized bikes.

I had to get a kids bike cause my legs are so short. Cooool hahaha

22. Having to sit super close to the wheel so you can actually reach the pedals when driving.

23. Washing your car without some sort of step is basically impossible.

24. Because this is basically your life mantra.

25. So eventually you just give in and buy one of these.

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