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    21 Times Michael McIntyre Spoke The Absolute Truth

    I'm absolutely gazeboed.

    1. On Britain:

    Open Mike Productions / Via

    2. On Google maps:

    3. On department stores:

    4. On British weather forecasts:

    bethgittings/Open Mike Manchester/BBC / Via

    5. And snow days.

    6. On parenting:

    Mic Manchester/BBC / Via

    7. On the tube:

    Lefteris Pitarakis / PA WIRE

    8. On being drunk:

    9. On public transport:


    10. On posh British baby names:

    11. On Dragons' Den:

    12. On petrol stations:

    13. On pens:

    14. On adulthood:

    15. On your internet history:

    16. On taking photos:

    17. On ageing:

    18. On passwords:

    19. On buying scissors:

    20. On hotel wake up calls:

    21. On your relationship with your phone:

    bethgittings/Open Mike Manchester/BBC / Via

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