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    19 Things You Know If You Grew Up In Surrey, But Not The Posh Bit

    Because it’s not all horse riding and Jack Wills.

    1. Whenever you tell people you're from Surrey, they automatically assume you're really posh.

    2. When actually, it's more like this.

    3. Because this is what most people think Surrey is like.

    4. When in fact your area was a bit more like this.

    5. And you never visited half the fancy places in Surrey growing up because it involved a ridiculous trip on public transport.

    6. Your house probably didn’t look this this.

    7. And it might have looked more like this.

    8. You didn't go to a fancy private school.

    9. Instead your school looked a bit more like this.

    10. And your 6th form carpark wasn't filled with these.

    11. You definitely didn't do much of this as a child.

    12. And you probably spent more of your teenage years drinking in local parks than playing hockey.

    13. You made teenage pilgrimages to The Bentall Centre in Kingston, where posh and not posh Surrey teens united.

    14. You didn't actually spend that much time in Jack Wills central, Guildford.

    15. Because a lot of the time it was actually easier to get to London on the train than Guildford in the first place.

    16. Although you probably owned one single item that you bought on a lengthy voyage there one time.

    17. Thorpe Park was the main place where you would bump into sloaney Surrey kids.

    18. Or at the Reading festival where you would bond over the filth.

    19. But obviously nothing united posh Surrey and crap Surrey like passing your driving test and having to drive on the M25.