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19 Things You Know If You Grew Up In Surrey, But Not The Posh Bit

Because it’s not all horse riding and Jack Wills.

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5. And you never visited half the fancy places in Surrey growing up because it involved a ridiculous trip on public transport.


10. And your 6th form carpark wasn't filled with these.

Jonas M Luster / Via

Except for that one that belonged to that mysteriously rich girl who inexplicably commuted many miles to get there.


18. Or at the Reading festival where you would bond over the filth.

Mark Freeman / Via Flickr: 46357488@N00

The festival also hosted representatives from the Slough/Windsor rivalry, which is probably why it got so "wild" there.

19. But obviously nothing united posh Surrey and crap Surrey like passing your driving test and having to drive on the M25.


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