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    Jul 22, 2016

    19 Animals Having A Way Better Summer Than You

    There's nothing cuter than a big dog in a tiny pool.

    1. This golden boy in his pool.

    @xMakeoutkidsx / Via Twitter: @xMakeoutkidsx

    So precious.

    2. And this little pug cooling off in his own private pool.

    @gus_hofer / Via Twitter: @gus_hofer

    3. Look at these swan babies taking it in turns to swim!

    The swans have taken a liking to the kids paddling pool right outside our caravan! You jack b*stards! #swans

    4. All these mad ducks having a wild time.

    Oops! Never leave a paddling pool uncovered when you have ducks! Kids not impressed!

    5. This doggy cooling off from the heat.

    @beccascfc / Via Twitter: @beccascfc

    6. And this big pup loving his new pool.

    my mums bought my dog a paddling pool


    @elliemayxo_ / Via Twitter: @elliemayxo_

    7. These alpacas chilling out.

    Sisters Ankha & Meketaten cooling off in the paddling pool #northeasthour

    8. And this alpaca pool party.

    @csidealpacas / Via Twitter: @csidealpacas

    Oh my god.


    @csidealpacas / Via Twitter: @csidealpacas

    10. This big dog in a teeny pool.

    11. And this sneaky raccoon taking a dip.

    @CWOA / Via Twitter: @CWOA

    12. This water-loving kitty.

    @__catpower Paddling pool I bought for my water-loving cat Emily to enjoy.

    13. And this kitty enjoying the weather.

    @Mrs_Golding / Via Twitter: @Mrs_Golding

    "I love summer" – this cat.

    14. This hound who's not quite got the hang of relaxing yet.

    Hilary Mitchell / BuzzFeed

    15. And this cat who's maybe about to make a huge mistake.

    @sewing_seams / Via Twitter: @sewing_seams

    16. This pug puppy making a splash.

    @Belleandcopugs / Via Twitter: @Belleandcopugs

    17. And this Frenchie having fun.

    @AlbertFrenchie1 / Via Twitter: @AlbertFrenchie1

    18. This duck having a nice time in the pool.

    @aka_whit / Via Twitter: @aka_whit

    19. And this doggy just having the best day.

    @PD_Oscar_IOW / Via Twitter: @PD_Oscar_IOW

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