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18 Things You Did At Uni That Would Get You Fired From Work

All aboard the banter bus.

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4. Spending the whole time at work on Facebook looking at pictures of your night out.

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Completely fine to do in lectures you're paying to attend, but in the work place it just means you're terrible at your job.


6. Claiming to be working but actually spending the day watching Netflix.

Sitting in my room eating pizza rolls watching netflix and pretending to study

"I'm doing research for my dissertation" = watching OITNB in the library so you're actually absorbing knowledge through osmosis.

7. Ordering pizza to the office at 11am on a regular basis.


"Claire this is a sales meeting."

8. Drinking orange squash mixed with basics vodka at work drinks.

Stick to beer and wine. It's probably not a fireable offence but getting that smashed is likely to end in tears/workplace hearings.


9. Forcing new starters to participate in lengthy initiation ceremonies.

Making the new office assistant go on a bar crawl dressed in a toga – BAD IDEA.

10. Aggressively enforcing a series of drinking game rules during the work day.

As soon as you finish your coffee you need to tap the empty mug on your shoulder or you have to make a round for everyone.

11. For instance suggesting your colleagues play “Amy Winehands” to liven up the weekly strategy meetings.

It's a fun way to bond with your sports team friends but a bad way to mix with senior managers.

12. Or encouraging your colleagues to play never have I ever in the break room.

Nobody wants to find out about the time Mark from accounts went to Prague and woke up handcuffed to a lamppost with a cock drawn on his face.


14. Wearing your pyjamas to the office.

Dude came to class wearing "Call of Duty" pajamas. Welcome to community college

Those tartan jammies might have been ok in your 9am introduction to philosophy lecture but that shit will not fly in a room full of suits.

16. Regularly shouting “banter” at people.

Even if it's ironic. Lads Lads Lads.

18. Trying to draw on your colleagues at any point in the day.