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    14 British Celebrities With Slightly Baffling LinkedIn Profiles

    BRB just going to endorse Duncan from Blue for "customer service".

    1. Katie Price apparently speaks Greek.

    2. Shane Richie left a review for his PA.


    "Discreet,honest & totally organised

    Big personality, makes the best cup of tea !!

    Highly recommend her to any celebrity x"

    Thanks Shane.

    3. Mark Wright from TOWIE has a pretty fun interests section.

    Mark says "This is all you need to know ...You only live once and if you do it right once is enough."


    Thanks Mark.

    4. Tara Palmer-Tomkinsons lists her A levels, GCSEs, and secondary school hobbies.

    And she has also been endorsed five times for juggling.


    And astronautics.

    5. Samantha Fox says her job is to make people happy.


    She says, "My job is to make people happy by performing and recording great tunes.

    i am also an Animal Activist and support many projects."

    One person has also endorsed her for PowerPoint.

    6. Chesney Hawkes has an interesting education section.

    Chesney why did you stop learning in 2007, man?

    7. Faye from Steps says that the band are still going.

    8. Which is confirmed by Lisa from the band.

    Who now seems to live in Dubai, but is still a member of "the successful pop group".

    9. Richard Branson's profile is exactly what you'd expect.

    Branson describes himself as, "Tie-loathing adventurer and thrill seeker, who believes in turning ideas into reality. Otherwise known as Dr Yes at Virgin!"


    He only has one skill.

    10. Bradley from S Club 7 is running his own production company and doesn't seem to have aged at all.

    11. Duncan James from Blue has the most endorsements for customer service.

    12. Midge Ure has a LOT of degrees.

    13. Jeremy Clarkson has some equally bizarre endorsements.



    Other highlights include 84 endorsements for martial arts, 82 for career management and 74 for quality assurance.

    14. And Dave Benson Phillips from Get Your Own Back basically has the best profile on LinkedIn.

    Dave has been endorsed for skills including; magicians, banjo, harmonica, juggling, and reality.

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