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13 Reasons Todd Mathews Is The Best Father I've Ever Had

Just because he's the only dad I've ever had doesn't mean he can't be my favorite. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

1. Only the best dads get a little thrown off at first.

Sonia Mathews

Although the entire family (sans Mom) hoped for a boy, you didn't skip a beat when I made my grand entrance and confirmed that I was, in fact, a GIRL.

2. And only the best dads recover quickly, just like you did.

Sonia Mathews

Did I mention that I've been face-palming since '98?

3. You've taught me lots of important things!

Sonia Mathews

Such as...

4. How to (properly) piggyback ride,

Sonia Mathews

And match facial expressions, tbh.

5. How to drive decently*,

Sonia Mathews

* By "decently," I mean "okayish."

6. How to ride a cow,

Sonia Mathews

I like to think that my plastic rocking cow nurtured my eccentricity from a young age. Dad - 1, Boring Toys - 0

7. And, most importantly, how to throw an appropriate amount of shade.

Sonia Mathews

Remember when I was 4, and we went to my preschool carnival? You waited with me in the pony line in the hot sun for 40 minutes. When it was my turn to ride, I decided I wanted nothing to do with the horse and turned around to leave. But were you going to let me? Nope. Todd Mathews does not wait in line for nothing. You put me right on that pony, told the operator to "GO", and every time I circled back around to you, I threw the shadiest side eye my tiny body was capable of. I'm still a little skeptical of ponies, but I do love a good sassy eye roll. Thanks, Dad.

8. Because of you, I love to read!

Sonia Mathews

Although, I'm not as into Stephen King as you are.

9. Along with being a fantastic father, you're one modern Millie.

Sonia Mathews / Via featured gif courtesy of NBC

You're hip; you know what a gif is and how to send it. You're not like a normal dad, you're a cool dad.

10. You set a great example when it comes to being an older sibling.

Sonia Mathews

Who else would help me restrain my little brother?

11. You introduced me to some classic cinematic gems.

20th Century Fox / Via

Honorable mentions: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Three Amigos, the works of Wes Anderson, Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, and the works of Bill Murray (plus a million more).

12. You love me unconditionally, and aren't afraid to reveal that I am your favorite daughter.

Sonia Mathews

Even though I'm your only daughter, that's still high praise.

13. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Warner Brothers / Via

Love, Sonia

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