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Worf Cover Bands

Here's a blast from the Internet past: In 2005 Shane Nickerson held a contest for album covers inspired by everyone's favorite Klingon Lieutenant Commander. Just remember we're not looking for the best, here - we're looking for the Worfst. Wah. Wah. Wahhhh. (Via)

  • The Worf Stripes

    The Worf Stripes

  • Kraftworf


  • Father Robert Worf

    Father Robert Worf

  • Stevie Worfer

    Stevie Worfer

  • MaWorfa


  • N-Worf


  • Worfana


  • Worf D.M.C.

    Worf D.M.C.

  • Whipped Worf & Other Delights

    Whipped Worf & Other Delights

  • Cuts Like A Batleth

    Cuts Like A Batleth

  • Michael Worfson

    Michael Worfson

  • Simon and Worfunkel

    Simon and Worfunkel