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Wal-Mart Arrests Employee, Has Husband Deported. Over Chicken Necks.

And she lost her job. And her car. And her house. All because of $2.90 in chicken necks which they were accused of shoplifting. Which, by the way, they didn't actually steal. Needless to say, they're suing. (Via The Consumerist)

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  • A newlywed couple in Birmingham, AL had problems with the self-servioce checkout aisle at WalMart...

    A newlywed couple in Birmingham, AL had problems with the self-servioce checkout aisle at WalMart, which refused to ring up their $2.90 packet of chicken necks. A WalMart employee helped them with the system, they paid and went to leave. Then a security guard confronted them and accused them of stealing the chicken necks, despite their receipt, which showed they had paid. A manager was summoned, reviewed the receipt and the security footage, then concluded that the couple had done nothing wrong. But the security guard insisted on calling the police, and then WalMart contacted the INS to alert them to the husband's legal trouble (he hadn't yet been naturalized following his wedding to a US citizen), as well as the WalMart where the wife worked in order to get her fired. They're suing. From Courthouse News: Plaintiff told these employees to look again as the item was on the bottom of the receipt and therefore accounted for. The security guard started screaming and asked to see the identifications of the plaintiff and her husband. The security guard screamed at the plaintiff and her husband saying they were going to be deported. The security guard, in overly loud voice, stated plaintiff and her husband were illegal and what were they doing in this country. Plaintiff asked for the assistant manager. The security guard answered by saying plaintiff and her husband were going to jail... The assistant manager said in presence of plaintiff and her husband: 'I see where she scanned it, I see where it's been rung up.' Plaintiff responded: 'I did scan it, I told you.' Ricky, plaintiff’s husband said I'll pay for it again if you want me to. The assistant manager then said to the security guard: 'Well what do you want to do?' The security guard said he wanted to put plaintiff and her husband in jail... When the security guard found that Mary Hill Bonin had worked at another Wal-Mart, he called that store and informed it "that she was being charged with a Theft of Property in the Third Degree," even though the assistant manager already had told him that the chicken bones had been bought and paid for, the Bonins say.