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The Phantom Limb Recorder

While it must be said that the Phantom Recorder looks like a bong from the 25th century, what Revital Cohen designed it to do is nothing short of amazing. (Via)

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  • This peripheral nerve interface allows regenerating axons to grow into microchannels incorporating embedded electrodes. This neural implant enables sensations to be inserted to the device, or for activity to be recorded from movements.

    When a limb is lost, the mind often develops a phantom sensation. The phantom owner is suddenly endowed with a unique and personal appendage, invisible to others and sometimes capable of extraordinary abilities.

  • Created in conjuction with the University of Cambridge, this prosthetic device sends a recorded phantom sensation to the implant, allowing the nerves to recreate the sensation of the telescoped phantom hand, the fourth feet or the split arm.

  • The Phantom Recorder system projects a cold and damp sensation onto the skin surface, triggering the brain to hallucinate a phantom. As the phantom movement stimulates the peripheral nerves, its activity is captured by the neural implant and external wireless machinery.