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Ron Swanson Wants You to Grow a Beard to Save the World

Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, has teamed up with Budweiser in order to promote water conservation through responsible facial hair management. Fun fact: Before he was in charge of a fictional Parks Department, Offerman was a professional boat builder. True story.

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  • From Ron Swanson Nick Offerman via Entertainment Weekly: "The only thing manlier than growing a big, burly beard is ripping a big, burly beard off of a charging grizzly with your bare hands," Offerman says in a release. "That, and saving the planet. Since no grizzly has had the balls to charge me since I went through puberty, I've decided to focus on saving the planet by joining with Budweiser to promote the 'Grow One. Save a Million' campaign. Men, if you want to look manly and feel good about conserving water, join me and take the pledge on Budweiser's Facebook page. And grizzlies, charge me. Just do it. I'm waiting, you babies."