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  • The Scavenger Hunt

    Checklist of items to find: 4 Cupcakes
    7 Twinkies
    2 Sno Balls
    1 Chocolate Zinger
    1 Yodel
    1 Metrocard
    Captain America’s Classic Shield
    A Daily Bugle Newspaper
    All 6 Infinity Gems
    All 8 Green Lantern Rings
    Joker’s Bang-Gun
    1 Daily Planet Newspaper
    5 A.I.M. Agents
    4 Gotham City Police Officers
    The Spidermobile
    The Batmobile
    The Avengers Quinjet
    The Fantastic Four Fantasticar
    The X-Men’s Blackbird
    The Titanic
    Wolverine’s Weapon-X Helmet
    Batman’s Robot T-Rex
    A Piece of Cheese
    The Cosmic Cube
    Peter Parker’s Camera
    3 Comics Longboxes
    The Bottle City of Kandor
    1 Piece of Kryptonite
    Beta Ray Bill’s Hammer
    The Hall of Doom
    The Ultimate Nullifier
    Skrull Electra
    Skrull Capt America
    Skrull Spiderman
    Skrull Cyclops Comic Book Covers:
    -Amazing Spiderman #50
    -Avengers #4
    -Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
    -Fantastic Four #1 Drunk Tony Stark & 4 suits of Iron Man Armor:
    -Silver Centurion
    -Original Steel Grey
    -Classic Horned Red & Yellow
    -Classic Red & Yellow