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Democratic Chess Plays By A New Set of Rules - Yours

PostFossil designer Florian Hauswirth attempts to re-interpret both the form and function of one of the worlds oldest (and most monarchic) games. (Via)

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  • Formed from maple wood, 'Democratic Chess' pieces are designed primarily to function as the standard Queen, King, Rooks, Bishops, Knights and Pawns and follow all of the regulation moves. But that is where the similarity ends.

  • Borrowing a concept from its game-board cousin, checkers, taken pieces are stacked instead of eliminated in order to form newer, more powerful pieces. For instance, several pawns may come together to form a second Queen. Or, more interestingly, new pieces with new moves. One combination could be a Knight-Bishop that's able to move diagonally and jump pieces. Perhaps a Rook-Pawn that moves multiple spaces, but only vertically.

  • The addition of new pieces with new properties in 'Democratic Chess' increases unpredictability, creating new and unexpected situations within the game.