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24 Things You'll Relate To If You’re 50% Party Animal And 50% Grandma

Partying is so much fun but damn, so is sleeping.

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1. You love nothing better than a party that starts at 6pm.

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Start early, end early!

2. And you hate nothing more than a gig where the main act starts at 11pm.


You seriously consider selling your ticket because you'd normally be in bed by then.

3. You can totally forget partying on a week night.


That one time you went out on a Tuesday night? You'll regret that forever.

4. You've found yourself aggressively twerking to "Bodak Yellow" on the dance floor and thinking about melting into the sweet, soft cloud that is your bed at the same time.

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5. It’s just so normal for you to party hard AND look forward to the long-ass sleep sesh you’re going to have later.

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6. Day drinking is your favourite kind of drinking.

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It just makes so much more sense???

7. Like, not only do you get to enjoy the sunshine with friends but you also get to enjoy the night time. Asleep. In bed.

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8. Sometimes you plan two days in advance so you can stay awake and enjoy yourself on a Saturday night.

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9. Which means you’re a zombie late at night on Friday, so you can sleep in Saturday in order to last until 2am that night.

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10. No-Doz is your best friend.

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11. So are espresso martinis.

12. And vodka Red Bulls.


But only in moderation guys, gotta stay safe.

13. You’re used to your friends complaining that you always leave early.

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14. And they’re always pleasantly surprised when it’s after midnight and you’re still at the party.



15. You know how much it sucks to rush out of the club, only to realise you have to wait 23 minutes for a train home.


You'll probably just call an Uber instead, because that extra 23 minutes of sleep will be soooooooo worth the $30.

16. Friday nights are tough.

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You’re always so exhausted from the long, hard week you’ve had.

17. On Sunday you have a self-enforced curfew of 6pm.


You need time to wind down and settle.

18. You’re super jealous of that one friend who lasts all night, every night.


She even goes to work the next day… HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

19. And you’re very grateful for your other friend who is also always tired, so you can leave the party together.

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You bond over your mutual value of slumber.

20. You wonder at least twice a week what your life would be like if you were ~one of those people~ who didn’t need nine hours of sleep to function.


Oh, the possibilities.

21. When people say they’ve “grown out” of the party lifestyle, you never ~fully~ understand.


You understand not being bothered to go out (because you're exhausted)… but… it’s just so much fun???

22. You really cherish those nights when it gets to midnight and somehow your eyes don’t get heavy. It’s like a miracle.

23. And you love it when time goes by so fast because you’re not sleepy one bit.

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24. Because the way things are going, you’re going to be a sleepy party animal for a while yet.

I'm tired as fuck but I want to go out

Pray for us.