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    17 Memes That Sum Up Sydney Lockdown

    I'm so over Zoom trivia.

    1. This state-to-state rivalry we've all seen play out.

    2. This starter pack that sums up the lockdown mood.

    3. This chaotic reenactment is me trying to stay sane watching Gladys at 11 a.m.

    4. This tweet is my brain when I'm working from home. (If my boss sees this, it's just a joke!)

    5. This emotional moment in time that everyone felt when lockdown was extended.

    6. This meme that speaks to the struggle of Australian internet.

    7. This video that was in my mind when a colleague invited me to attend BuzzFeed trivia. (For legal reasons I attended and it was actually a fun time!)

    8. This one is for the singles.

    9. This meme is everyone who saw something suss in someone's Instagram story during lockdown.

    10. This accurate portrayal of everyone who can't see when they wear glasses with a mask.

    11. This time Kath & Kim perfectly summed up a typical week.

    12. This reel that shows how joyful people will feel when gyms eventually open back up.

    13. This perfect snapshot of how time feels like an illusion and every day is the same.

    14. This meme from the Art Gallery of NSW that says, "Getting dressed for another day of online meetings."

    15. This crying cat that is literally me walking everyday with nowhere to go.

    16. This art meme that reads, "Hitting that sacred lockdown milestone of cutting your own fringe."

    17. This one is for all the teachers who have had it rough during the pandemic.

    18. This hilarious image, which has been captioned: "When you try to level up and do all the lockdown hobbies at once."

    19. And finally, this meme which is every person who lives alone during lockdown.

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