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19 Things That Happen When You Really Start To Feel Your Age

You know you're getting old when you can't remember how old you are.

1. At first, it's all like, "Hehe, I'm getting older. How cute! ^_^"

I’m only 22 but I feel OLD. If you are older than me whewwww I dunno how you feel anyways

Omg huehuehue I'm not 18 anymore uwu 🤪.

2. Then all of a sudden you get a really bad hangover after only two glasses of wine and it's all about to go DOWNHILL.

3. Reality starts to kick in as you start to experience back pain that won't go away.

Being an adult is all fun and games until u have random back pain for no reason and u can’t even eat what u want anymore bc u gain five pounds just looking at a bag of chips

Not even yoga will fix it.

4. And the occasional PANG in your knee.

5. Soon you're not feeling so great in a LOT of places that you didn't even know you could feel pain.

6. Your attention switches from joint pain to skin as you notice your pores are WAY more visible than they used to be.

7. Before you know it, you've spent $400 on a 10-step skincare routine.

8. Suddenly you realise it takes a full 12 seconds to scroll to your birth year on a drop down menu.

9. You meet someone who was born in 2001 — and they're not a toddler.

10. Self reflection goes into overdrive. Who am I becoming?

Welcome to being an adult nothing is fun anymore, drinking makes your skin hurt and just looking at food makes you fat have a great day.

Suddenly waking up early to go to a plant warehouse sale sounds much more fun than going to the club the night before.

11. Your birthdays all mesh into one memory, and sometimes you forget how old you are.

12. You panic as you come to understand there is no going back now.

13. Panic slowly turns into acceptance as you realise it's not all bad.

14. You actually start to feel positive and excited to get older.

15. Although, you tend to think back to all the naps you passed up as a kid with major regret.

16. You're actually enjoying things you used to hate, like browsing homeware stores.

17. All of a sudden your friends start to get married and have kids.

18. You start to feel a bit inadequate and like you're a failure.

19. And then you remember: You actually don't care. Because you're an adult! You can make your own decisions!