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    23 Times Australian TikTok Perfectly Summed Up Aussie Culture

    We truly have the best sense of humour.

    1. This video where points were made about the weird aftertaste of Australia's favourite side dish.


    I’ve been holding this is for 10 years. #australia #fyp #upcycling #foryou

    ♬ Up - Cardi B

    2. A perfect visual representation of this very specific, yet wildly common, Australian primary school experience.

    3. This hilarious summary of what Australian stores are like.

    4. And this great impression of everyone when they exit JB Hi-Fi.

    5. This very accurate video that shows the internal debate all Aussies have when it comes to crispbread.

    6. This moment every Australian experienced when they took a sick day in primary school.


    Every aussie kid watched these when they stayed home from school

    ♬ original sound - Chongy

    7. This video showing the struggle when your mum says there's no food at home.

    8. This classic POV all Australian girls have experienced when we're hanging out in the club bathrooms.

    9. This very relatable situation that happens in the drive-thru.

    10. This sequence of events all KFC lovers can relate to.

    11. This dramatic scene that shows how cooked Australian birds can be.

    12. And another moment that depicts the most unhinged animals of Australia.


    Patsy our sausage dog harassing the cows until they’d had enough and the tables turned haha #sausagedog #cow #runpatsyrun

    ♬ Cat Chase - NEKO WORKs

    13. This video that shows sometimes you have to laugh through the pain of house hunting.


    sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying

    ♬ original sound - Madeleine Golden

    14. This very relatable moment for POC at the checkout.


    Pls don’t come for me I’m taking the piss 😂 #sza #goodday #myquestiontodayis #fyp #foryou #justjokes #nz #poc I can’t be the only one 😂

    ♬ original sound - Mahaki.t

    15. This high school situation we've somehow all experienced.

    16. Plus, this video which is another nostalgic summer school memory unlocked.


    “Yes we’re allowed to leave if it’s over 40!! It’s the LAW!!” #foryou #fyp #xyzbca #student #school #comedy #tiktokaustralia #uk #usa #lol

    ♬ original sound - Nathan

    17. This unsettling scenario we've all gone through post high school.

    18. This dystopian, but also hilarious, prediction of our future.

    19. This video showcasing how brave the birds of Australia can be.

    20. This challenge which shows the beauty of Australian slang.

    21. Another situation everyone experienced in school when the teacher was two minutes late.

    22. This bartender that we've all been served by once in our lives.


    tag someone who’s experienced this with you. Insta- will.gibbbb

    ♬ original sound - Will Gibb

    23. And finally, this perfect depiction of what it's like to go back to the office after a break.


    When you return to work from holidays!

    ♬ original sound - Christian Hull