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Puppy Bowl Behind The Scenes: Kitten Halftime Show

The Puppy Bowl is nearly upon us, and you know what that means...Kitten Halftime Show! BuzzFeed was granted backstage access to the taping of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl, and it's just as impossibly cute in person as you might expect.

The first thing we saw upon entering the Kitten Green Room were these mysterious cardboard boxes.

Some of the boxes said "Mew."

"I'm ready for my close up!"

And then the Animal Planet crew OPENED THE BOXES!

"This room is scawee."

There were lots of hands in the Kitten Green Room to make sure all the stars got petted enough.

"Ohhghh Gavon, you've got the touch."

"I'm so tall. Is it because I'm about to be a celebrity?"

[sniff sniff] "Do I know you?"

And then the kittens took to the field to stretch out and warm up.

"Oh geez, what's going on here?"

"Huh! A sproingy mouse?? Imuna get it!"

"Come here often?"

And then the confetti happened!! This man has a pretty amazing job.

"I've seen too much."

The kittens started out apprehensive...

explored the new terrain...

tested the confetti waters...


"I was taken out for stealing the show?? I am the show!"

"I'm monnagetyou!"

Some of them were taken off the field for roughhousing. "She started it." "Bitch."

And then everybody was taken back to the Kitten Green Room.

"Awwh, is it over? But I was so close to getting the sproingy mouse!"

"Are you sure you don't want to adopt me? I will sleep on your chest and make purrring noises."

And then off they went back to the shelter for bowls of milk and hopefully adoption. The end.

Photos by Amy Sly