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    12 Ways Everyone Is Better Than You

    Ever feel like you’re constantly catching up to everyone else? Like everyone knows something you don’t, and has it together? Well you're right.

    • 1. Their friends are cooler.

      Their friends are cooler.

    • 2. They dress better.

      They dress better.

    • 3. They dance better.

      They dance better.

    • 4. They're more artistic.

      They're more artistic.

    • 5. They look better in the morning.

      They look better in the morning.

    • 6. Their family is nicer.

      Their family is nicer.

    • 7. They accessorize better.

      They accessorize better.

    • 8. They sound better.

      They sound better.

    • 9. See the last four at!

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