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If Sims Were Self-Aware

Here's what Mortimer Goth and Bob Newbie would say if Sims had to speak English.

Slacktory 5 years ago

Call This IT Guy A Hacker And You'll Regret It

"I'm part of a team here the same way Einstein was part of a team when he got a tick stuck to his balls." The narrator of the short film "I'm Not a Hacker" is a part-time IT technician with the ego of a supervillain.

Slacktory 5 years ago

Sweeties: A Comedy Sketch About Frenemies

This is what happens when frenemies plan a party. "I can take care of the booze!" "Oh I know you can take care of the booze; I've seen your recycling."

Slacktory 5 years ago

Remember 1994

Remember the Lion King, Ace of Base, Ellen, and Donkey Kong Country in this epic nostalgia mashup of 1994 pop culture.

Slacktory 6 years ago